Vertical lines

These machines are for producers of printed circuit boards – PCB. These machines are used for basic operations at process of PCB production. These operations are for different surface treatment. For example galvanic copper, chemical gold, chemical tin, conductive hole production etc. PCBs are going through the line in baskets or at hangers. It is possible to get big production capacity with the machine with small dimensions if baskets are used.

PCBs are moved through the line by transport system. This transport system inserts PCB into the tanks with working fluids. Problem with air bubbles catch to the PCB surface is solved by vibrators. Vibrator can be in every position of the line.

Automatic movement of PCB through the line has great influence on PCB quality. An automatic movement lowers the chance of human faults, save human work and also enlarges the capacity of the line. In the lines can be used control system with hard or soft step. In control system with soft step is possible for operator to set any technological time in any working position, or possibly to set the order of working positions.