PPT - Laboratory and industrial electronic

Company PPT – Laboratory and industrial electronic was founded in year 1990. Since the foundation of the company was its main field of activities designing, developing and production of special machines for industry. In beginnings was main production dedicated to small machines equipped with ultrasonic. In these machines were used ultrasonic sources made by company. At the same time was running process of designing and producing of special cleaning and etching work benches for semiconductor industry. In process of company developing was production extended also to the field of machines for wet processes used in Printed circuit board industry. In nowadays became production of machines for Printed circuit board industry main field of company. Base feature of our machines is our effort for maximal customer satisfaction. From this reason is always our technical solution consult with customer. According to this consultation is technical solution modified to ensure optimal construction, technical solution quality and also operator friendly control system. This system also allows machine price optimization because in this way customer always buys only what customer want.